April Kepner

Chief Resident Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. Potentially specializing in Ortho or Trauma. Firm believer in the power of checklists.

January 24, 2012 11:17 am
Dr. Attachment Barbie: Henry & Teddy ; He needs a new liver


She was shaken by nurses and then by Webber that come. Bailey was already practicing CPR but Henry’s heart stopped beating for almost 2 min. When Webber shocked Henry, Teddy could no longer contain her tears. At each shock, she felt like the stab to the heart. After seconds that seemed hours to Teddy, Henry’s heart began to beat. Teddy threw a sigh of relief, and wiped her tears. Although the heart of Henry was beating again, Bailey and Webber have left Henry unconscious : his body -without a liver that works- is too low for that he can stay awake. 

Bailey commanded various test and left. Teddy, sat next to her husband and was holding his hand. She was so scared, she wouldn’t leave him alone again. She laid her head against the edge of the bed, praying that they found him a new liver. She thought back to when he asked her to marry him. They both knew, in the name of the law, they were married from the beginning but he wanted more, he wanted a party that would prepared for months, and hours a night they’ll remember their whole life, he wanted pronounce his vows to tell her how much he loved her and he wanted to say this in front of everyone. But a moment she wondered if he would be there. If he will be alive … If they did not find a liver, it has only months to live and like he is now, She’s not even sure he could live a week more. She raised her head and looked at him. A tube in the throat and connected to lots of machines, he was still the best to her. She ran her hand through her hair and she said that was perhaps the last time she does.

April Kepner had had a rather long and busy shift. It was the end of the day, and she’d visited all of er patients. The only thing she had left to do was check some labs she’d run earlier in the day. It was part of a match test she’d organized among willing residents and attendings for Henry Burton. He needed a new liver, and so far no one on the transplant list was a match. April knew he was deteriorateing, so testing people at the hospital who were friends with Teddy and Henry made sense.

Reaching the lab, she began to read through the results, frowning as she went. Callie wasn’t a match. Neither was Cristina. Or Owen. On and on the list. No match, no match, no match. Until…there! A match. April blinked as she read who the liver match for Henry was. Figures. It was her. For a split second April considered the situation. Henry needed a new liver to live. Even if the surgery was a risk for both of them, he had infinitely more at stake than April. What did she have? Some minor surgical risks and a scar? It was a no brainer.

She hurried to tell Dr. Bailey her findings only to be told that the older attending was already in Henry’s room. April hurried to the door and watched as the doctors worked on him. His vitals were deteriorating. Teddy sat sadly by his side watching him, holding his hand. April immediately felt like a bit of an intruder on such a private and desperate moment. Clearing her throat and brandishing her test results in one hand, April said, “I found a liver match for Henry. I found a match and…um, it’s me. I’m a match.”

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