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Chief Resident Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. Potentially specializing in Ortho or Trauma. Firm believer in the power of checklists.

January 25, 2012 2:14 pm
Dr. Attachment Barbie: Henry & Teddy ; He needs a new liver


When April tells her again, she was match and that she would give half of her liver to Henry, Teddy didn’t believe it. She was surprised that April has so much struggled to her husband, all she had done: ask people who knew him, organizing tests … But when she took the paper in her hands and read what was written, she realized that she was not dreaming and that April was really match. Tears of joy streamed down on face of Teddy because she realized that there was still a chance that he live. She went to April and took her in her arms, kept saying “Thank you, thank you, thank you …”. When the hugs were finished, Teddy went to get Bailey to announce the news, with stars in her eyes. Because before putting April in a bed and take her liver, we still had to know if Henry can be open. His condition had deteriorated sharply, and even if he needed this to live, no one knew if he could endure anesthesia.

The three women in the hall, April asked anxiously what would happen now. Teddy decided to reply: “Well … First of all, we will see if Henry can have the surgery, after we will still see if your levels of antibodies to both of you is low and all normals examinations pre-op’.” Teddy was grateful for the act of Amelie, but she felt uncomfortable … She did not want her to feel obligated, or regret it later. She is still young, maybe Henry could wait a little longer but this is the problem Henry couldn’t, he needed one right now but … she doesn’t expect that will be one of her colleagues. She asked her again if she was sure. “But you know, you don’t have to do this… It’s not a simple surgery… Are you really sure that’s what you want to do ?”

April felt slightly overwhelmed by Teddy’s obvious gradtitude, but she could empathize with how it must feel to see someone you loved so sick. She could imagine worrying about them, only to find out that they could be saved. It had to be overwhelming. Glancing back at Henry as Dr. Bailey and Altman spoke, April frowned. He looked so sick.

Then again, it was a danger on April’s own part. Any surgery, even the most simple had some potential to go wrong. And she was usually a risk adverse sort of person. Upon Teddy’s explanation, and questioning, April paused. Did she really want to do it? She thought it really wasn’t a matter of wanting to do it or not. To April it seemed like the right thing to do. Why should she prevent Henry from having the one thing that could save him? Why make him wait for who knows how long on the donor list? People died waiting on donor list. Plus, April was young and healthy. She figured she’d have a reasonably easy recovery. “I’ll do it. I’m sure. I couldn’t not do it now that I know I am a match anyway. Too much guilt. Let’s go. Do the tests and pre-ops and stuff. The longer we wait the weaker he will be right?”

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